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Minitena is a minimal and optimized general purpose Linux distribution that was made from scratch. It can run on x86_64, i586, aarch64 CPUs. Minitena aimed to be simple, flexible and easy for experienced Linux users. The code was written with KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. That allows making the code readable and easy to maintain. The package manager of Minitena is pacman because it’s simple. Minitena uses own framework to build itself which called wok. Access to Minitena’s package collection. Please, help us to add this distribution to Distrowatch! Recommend us on Distrowatch.

Getting release

Actually, we don’t make “releases” for now but you can download snapshots of this distribution. Image files with distribution placed here. Unfortunately, we don’t produce *.iso images.

More information

Made from scratch

Minitena is an independent Linux distribution. That allows making own package repository, optimize each package and get full control of dependency and package version control.

Rolling release

Minitena doesn’t use “fixed” as release system. Minitena is a rolling Linux distribution. That allows getting new packages and their version instead of awaiting a new release of the distribution.


Each package of Minitena was compiled with full RELRO support, Smash Stacking Protector (SSP). All libraries compiled with PIC (position-independent code) and executables with PIE (position-independent executable). That allows being protected from vulnerabilities.

For experienced users

Minitena doesn’t have any kind of installer. You need to write down commands manually. Also, it allows being flexible because it allows to build your own system and configure that for your needs.


We provide wiki also you will rather use issues page to ask the community of this project to get help.

IRC channel and Discord Server

To communicate with each other person who uses Minitena, we made IRC channel and Discord server. Because they’re very popular and easy ways to discuss this project. IRC: #minitena on freenode.net or Discord Server.


Minitena uses git as control version system. Main repository with source code hosts at GitHub. To enter to the repository with source code just click here.